Ways To Do Effortless Retirement Planning?

Once considered the most difficult aspect of managing personal finance, there are a lot of investment companies offering retirement planning through website and apple and android apps that’re easier to understand and use. In the past, we have relied on our friends and family suggestions to plan for future financial needs. Sometimes people get great advice, and sometimes not so great. So how do we go about planning retirement?

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Some new startup companies have attempted to solve this problem. The financial advisors typically charge fees based on Asset Under Management (AUM) and it has been the case for so many years. Asset Under Management (AUM) which is nothing but your money in bank accounts, investment accounts and brokerage accounts.

With the advent of Fintech, new startups have mushroomed and are which now charge a lower percentage or a fixed fee per month. The basic idea is to automate the process of financial planning and offer competitive prices to end customers. Some names are Betterment, Personal Capital, Blooom, Wealthfront, Motif, Plootus etc. Today, I will stop here and in the next blog, we will talk about each of the above players and service offers by them.

Your Free Financial Advisor

To create a diversified portfolio, some people hire a financial advisor or advisory services who may charge 0.25% to 2% of total assets, as fees. Plootus does it for Free. You may ask why? We are on a mission to democratize financial planning. Get Free Retirement Calculator Here!

Our app Plootus (available on Apple and Android) will not only choose the best performers to suit your retirement needs but will also help you decide how much to invest in the various options available to you. Our Finance formula (AI based algorithm) first estimates how much money you will need for your retirement period. Sounds like a straightforward decision.

That’s it for today. We so far covered 2:1 principle for retirement, Bitcoin as an option for retirement, types of Equity funds & Bonds. We will dig deeper into Target dated funds next time.

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Author: Sunil Gangwani, Co-Founder, Plootus
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